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Tall Mistress Whipping and Humiliating Her Personal Slave

This Mistress is Tall And Mean as she comes home she expect her slave had done all his tasks like cleaning the house and cooking dinner but she didn’t like his service today so the slave is going to be punished, His mistress is going to whip him and then make him like and kiss her shoes and she’s going to spit in his face and make him worship her Lovely soles.


Watch Experienced Mistress teach New Mistress Domination

A Very Experienced Mistress teaching A new Mistress Domination & Femdom, To do that she’s going to use her Personal Slave there going to humiliate him and make him worship there Feet after that they slap him so hard and then whip him the new mistress is enjoying this and getting into it, she likes how the slave is leached and wearing a collar.

Watch this Submissive Slave Worship his Goddess Feet

She’s The Goddess of Men, very beautiful and powerful, when she come home she get her whip and demand her submissive slave to worship her beautiful feet but first he’s going to get whipped because he didn’t finish all his tasks.